Japan Evaluation Society (JES) – International Exchange Committee presents

    Seminar on the Graduate Programs in Evaluation Study in the U.S.

                  and the Current Situation of Japan’s Universities

         This seminar was completed as scheduled. Total 57 participants  (The total registration is 117).

     It was a great success gained !!.  Thank you very much for the excellent presenters and all participangts !!


                            === Date & time, venue and the expected particpants ===

Date&Time :  8 -10 pm EDT (=5-7 pm PDT), 30 May (Tue)  in the U.S.

                     (日本時間: 9-11 am (JST) on 31 May (Wed) in Japan)

Venue: Zoom presentation (Max 300 participants)

Fee: Free of charge by Zoom

Language: English with simultaneous interpretation into Japanese (日本語への同時通訳がつきます)


This seminar will feature representatives from selected U.S. graduate programs in evaluation, including Western Michigan University, Claremont Graduate University, and the University of South Florida. The speakers will provide (i) an overview of their respective programs, (ii) degree requirements, (iii) potential career paths for graduates, and (iv) messages for the potential applicants. Additionally, there will be a presentation on the current situation of Japanese universities.


                                             === Program (Tentative)===.

1.Opening remarks (5 minutes)

          Dr. Yoko ISHIDA, Vice President of Hiroshima University. President of Japan Evaluation Society (JES)

2.Brief description of graduate programs & degrees in the U.S. (5 minutes)

          Dr. Ryo SASAKI, International Development Center of Japan (IDCJ). Vice Chair of International Exchange Committee, JES

           PowerPoint (presentation material PDF)

3.   Introduction of the graduate programs in evaluation studies in the U.S. (20 minute for each presentation)


 (1) Dr. Michael Harnar, Director, InterDisciplinary Ph.D. in Evaluation Program.

             Western Michigan University (WMU).

                    (Website:   Presentation slides (PDF)

(2) Dr. Stewart Donaldson, Executive Director, Doctoral Program in Evaluation

               and Applied Research Methods Program. 

             Claremont Graduate University (CGU).

                   (Web:   Presentation slies (PDF)

 (3) Dr. Liliana Rodriguez-Campos, Director of the Graduate Certificate in Evaluation.

                Evaluation Coordinator of the Master's and Ph.D. in in Curriculum and Instruction  

                with a concentration in Measurement and Evaluation.

              University of South Florida (USF) Presentation slides (PDF)  

            (Web:     Presentation slides (PDF) 

4.    Presentation of the current evaluation education in Japan. (10 minutes)

          Dr. Taka MIYAGUCHI, Associate Professor, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Japan. Vice chair of the International Exchange Committee, JES

          Presentation slides (PDF)   

5.    Question and answer (20 minutes) Presentation Sildes (PDF) 

6.    Closing remarks (5 minutes)  

          Dr. Yuriko SATO, professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. Chair of the International Exchange Committee, JES

          (Spare time) 15 minutes

               === Registration for partipants and the contact information ===.

1. Regstration

     Please fill in one of the following registration forms according to your affiation. Up to 150 registrations will be accepted in each category

     on first-come and firs-served basis.

        - For members of Japan Evaluation Society (JES) (日本評価学会の会員)=> Click here

        - For members of Asia-Pacific Evaluation Association (APEA) and other professional assocations (日本評価学会会員以外の方)=> Click here

2. Contact Infomation

     Email to Ryo SASAKI, Ph.D. <sasaki.ryo(a)> (Please change (a) to @ if you send an email).

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